We all have hidden potential in ourselves. That’s why we dream BIG!

In order to maximize our potential we must minimize our actions!

Does that make sense? If not, let me explain.

You can take 1 big action and probably hit big, or you can take a series of multiple small actions and guarantee to make it big!

When you minimize your actions and maximize your goals you have a much broader picture of what needs to be done to get there!

Do you know someone who starts multiple things but never completes them? I was that person.

Dreaming big was my easy part, minimizing was something of fairy dust to me! I could never understand it. I just wanted that big move to pay off.

Learning to minimize your actions will definitely help you maximize your results in the long run!

Think of it this way, you want to make $1 million in 2 years. Now break that down. Then break it down again, and then 1 more time!

I would try and explain this out using numbers but honestly, I’m tired and my brain isn’t functioning numbers right now. 😂


Chase yours, not theirs.

Why would you make someone rich you hate, don’t respect, or just don’t even know? That’s stupid.

If you’re anything like me, you value your independence. I hate punching a clock every morning.

I always say you should bet in yourself, no matter the circumstances. Who knows you better than you? NOBODY!

Understand when you bet on yourself and you go your own way, people will hate. Your family will go against you, it’s natural.

I myself will always bet on myself, because I never lose. I either win or I learn something from it. That’s the mindset you need!

I’m quitting my job Monday and going full force on myself. Because when I bet on myself I know what I can do and what I can’t.

Having bad management makes you a bitter person to be around, it effects you outside of work.

You ever have that great yet hateful feeling about Sunday? Like YES I can enjoy another 24 hours off, I don’t want that for you.

I want you to bet on yourself, always! The real risk is working a job you hate for a shitty check to pay bills you don’t want to pay and to never live the life you wanted.

Also, don’t compare your 1st step to someone’s 10th step, you have to start somewhere!

Always chase what’s best for you, not what’s best for (them) whoever that is. Also it’s okay to be selfish, this is YOUR LIFE.

Don’t waste it away pleasing others, especially for a boss who care less about you.

Take the leap! Try something different, and I guarantee you’ll love the result!

This is why I smoke cigars

Remember Mr. Jameson from Spider-Man?

Yup, this guy! In almost every scene he has a cigar in his mouth.

Do you think this was a power move or do you think he smoked these to deal with the stresses of life?

I think it’s both. You see, a cigar is so much more than just a quick smoke. It takes time!

Some people may say that cigar smoking is nasty, well cigarettes may prove you wrong. Cigarettes stink and are filled with chemicals.

Cigars are hand rolled and hand made by the finest cigar leaves and sun grown tobacco all across the world. More people get enjoyment from cigars rather than a cigarette.

I’ve never even tried a cigarette, all I’ve ever smoked tobacco wise are cigars!

Here are reasons I love cigars

  • Cigars take time to smoke and enjoy!
  • Pair very well with a morning coffee or whiskey!
  • Pair well with bourbon as well.
  • The community is OUTSTANDING!
  • Cigars are an amazing networking tool.
  • Happy people usually smoke cigars
  • Any cigar lounge/bar you go to you feel accepted instantly!
  • Cigars open new worlds for me.
  • Cigars are just AWESOME! 😎

Honestly, a cigar can be the centerpiece to any conversation. A cigar can make your night better, your mornings brighter and your love life sweeter!

A cigar can help you clear your mind and get you focused, it can help you do so much!

Also, there’s so many blends of cigars that the options are literally endless!

I’m definitely biased towards cigars, as you can tell. Also, I’m not pressuring you to try one. However, I’m not NOT telling you to give one a try!

I love cigars, if you love cigars drop me a comment telling me your favorite!

Apply pressure

There’s an old saying that’s been running through my mind lately, “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

You see, comfort is THE strongest drug on the planet. Forget Meth and Heroin, comfort keeps you stuck for a lifetime.

Comfort is so powerful it takes away from your hopes and dreams that you work to accomplish.

Give a person a steady paycheck and they will never chase their dreams if their comfortable.

You NEED to apply pressure to your life, because otherwise you’re stuck.

Apply pressure NOW, as Grant Cardone says, “pay the price NOW, you’ll thank your older self.”

Pressure equals exposure, EXPOSE YOURSELF TO NEW THINGS.

Expose yourself to new surroundings, a new network, anything that will level you up.

Because guess what? Once you’ve been exposed to it 2-3 times it’s not scary anymore, it’s normal now. You’ve leveled up!

Applying pressure in your life literally does nothing but increase your life and the fulfillment that comes with it.

The more your exposed to, the more valuable of a person you become!

Here’s a list of everything I have exposed myself to to become a better well rounded individual:

  • Books.
  • Podcast.
  • Blogs.
  • Trying new places.
  • Going to business venues.
  • Talking with high value people.
  • Risking my money in investments.
  • Going my own way instead of the easy way.
  • Sacrificing weekends and family time.
  • Extra hours at work.
  • Reading an extra 10 pages a day.
  • Waking up early.
  • Going to sleep early or late if I need to get something done.
  • Being productive instead of busy.

That list can go on FOREVER. Because self improvement is a never ending thing.

Apply pressure to your life and watch how fast you grow as a person and as a professional!

When you get your dream job, car or house. Remember to thank me for getting you lifted up and applying pressure to your life that made that happen!

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Reaching your full potential

I watched this video that Steve Harvey out on YouTube about reaching your full potential, it definitely shook me!

So in the video he ask how many people have a dog in the stands, many people raise their hands. So he proceeds with, “how many of them have fleas?”

Every single one of them. A flea has a 36” vertical, the highest vertical of any insect! Now put that flea in jar and it will continue to jump and hit its head on the lid of the jar.

Now add a few more, they’ll all jump hitting their head on the top of the jar, until they adjust to their environment.

Now they have babies in the jar, the babies see their friends, parents, relatives jumping only barley missing the top of the jar, because that’s the environment they grew up in. They don’t know they can actually jump 36”.

When you take the lid off that jar those babies have a whole new world! That’s the same with us.

Until you remove that lid and jump out of that jar you will never know what your full potential is.

The lid symbolizes what’s stopping us, the jar is our environment that we’re stuck in.

Until you take the lid off your jar you will duplicate your surroundings!

Get away from these people that aren’t doing anything, seriously! GET AWAY FROM THEM.

I had to do it, it’s very difficult. But when you have a dream and a burning desire to be great you must be willing to go ghost.

Don’t allow your lid to stay stuck for your whole life, remove your lid, get out of your jar and reach your 36” vertical that you were born with!

Your potential is outside of your comfort zone, make it happen!

Creative minds

People like myself are built different, and no not in the tik tok way either!

Some people can see something and make it into another. Art is a good example!

Art tells a story that anybody can perceive as their own, that’s why they say that art is in the eyes of the beholder.

Unfortunately, most people can’t express their creative personality or traits because they’re strained by a job they hate.

They’re strained by self doubt or even lack the motivation to be creative because life has beat them down.

Creative minds are what have changed the world! Think of Elon Musk, he had a dream and his creative mind had him starting up successful businesses that shape the world today!

Creativity is important, it shapes the person as a whole. Creativity brings color to a world that’s full of shades of gray!

Creativity can really be anything:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Writing and literature
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Photography
  • Open mindedness
  • Etc.

One thing I’ve noticed about creative mindset people is that when they aren’t doing something productive, or using their creativity they get burnt out and depressed.

I myself tend to get depressed when I feel I have nothing to work towards, or when the goal is lost in the Smokey cloudiness of my brain.

Understand if you have a creative mindset, DONT LET THAT GO TO WASTE!

You have an amazing gift that everybody can appreciate and learn from! You just have to believe and knock those chains off that are holding you back.

Leveling up

There’s no doubt we can all level up! I’m leveling up every single day.

Whether that be reading more pages than usual, cutting TV time, hitting the gym longer than needed, etc. I’m leveling up.

We all should level up, some of us are stuck. I’m still stuck but I’m working on it every single day!

Leveling up isn’t always good though, leveling up can be very painful.

It can be painful by:

  • Leaving old friends behind
  • Disobeying family
  • Long nights and early mornings
  • Sacrifices you have to make
  • Long hours at work or school
  • Not being in a relationship

The list goes on. Leveling up is all about what you’re willing to miss out on now to be able to do or achieve later.

As Grant Cardone says “pay the price today.”

I’m 24 years old, I’ve worked construction my whole life and it’s time for a change honestly.

My parents hate the fact that I don’t do things typical 24 year olds do, I don’t party or drink or stay out late or anything. I’m very disciplined.

I invest my money instead of spend it on stupid things. I’m paying the price today and learning and now teaching others to do so as well!

I’m never in it for the money when it comes to teaching, because knowledge should be free.

I do less talking and more doing and that’s my biggest secret to leveling up. Just do it! #Nike 😉

Leveling up is all personal, you have to want it, you can’t half ass leveling up. It’s a desire to be better.

Also, leveling up is a marathon not a sprint.

I believe in you! And I believe that you can level up, but for you to be able to do that you must have the desire to do so!

Why I love the stock market!

What’s up everybody! Hope you’re having a great day! Prepare to be taught about the stock market and why I LOVE IT!

As most of you know, the stock market is the best secondary income anybody can have, it’s your “passive income” so to speak.

So, with the stock market there are 3 reasons why I love it:

  • It’s a non losing game
  • It’s another stream of imcome
  • I’m a shareholder to my favorite companies!

Let’s break this down.

How in the world is it a non losing game? “I know people who lost EVERYTHING!”

Well, they were doing wrong. Just being honest.

My method has made myself and precisely 23 others grow their money over 30% in a year, which is CRAZY!

I’m not going to talk about dogecoin or crypto, I simply don’t believe in them and I don’t know what I’m investing my money in.

Here is how this is a non losing game, ready? It’s a straight up answer. Don’t get offended.


Doge, stupid. Crypto, stupid. I invested in big tech drops and marijuana. I have some ETFs and index funds as well for proper diversification.

“But wait! My stock is dropping. I’m losing money! I knew I shouldn’t have listened to you, what do you know?”

Well if you want to lose it, go ahead and sell and take the L.

But, if you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, how about you buy more into that stock. Just pump a little more in there baby! 😏

“Why would I buy a stock that’s falling? THATS STUPID!”

Well, when you do this you average down your share price.

Meaning if you have $1000 in a stock and it was $100/share, it drops to say $50 and you throw another $1000 in, now your average will be roughly $80/$75.

When this happens you hold. And when it hits $100 again (which it will if it’s a good stock and not a penny stock) you will have a nice ROI on your $2,000 invested!

This brings me to my second point, it’s another stream of income. This is tried and true since the beginning.

You’re essentially building your money, understand that the beginning is the hardest part. Your returns will suck. Unless you have some damn good money getting started.

This is how the wealthy stay wealthy, the stock market!

Do you love Amazon? You probably have a package on your doorstep or in your mailbox right now!

Ever wanted to have a piece of the pie that Jeff Bezos is making? Well, if you own Amazon stock you can!

That’s exactly what stock is, you’re now a shareholder of that company! Nothing more, nothing less!

This is why I love the stock market! I highly encourage you to take the leap, you won’t regret it! I sure as hell don’t and never will.

I’m literally making money while:

  • Sleeping
  • At work
  • On the weekend
  • At the beach
  • At dinner
  • On a date
  • Traveling
  • When I’m drinking and bar hopping!

Do you want less stress about money? The stock market is your best bet! Don’t time the market, just jump in!

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned some serious information today!

Missing principles

I recently took a self survey, pretty much a life analysis.

After doing this I realized some things, the things that are missing.

I’ve been going through a depression, I don’t understand why though. Maybe it’s work stress weighing me down or maybe it’s just non fulfillment in my life.

Then I realized one key thing I’ve been missing, principles.

I recently picked up the book principles by Ray Dalio, and so far it’s an amazing read!

It talks about how principles create discipline and that principles are a core foundation to a better and happier life. A successful life!

I understand now that principles are the base in which we live by, and that principles are meant to be utilized and also evolved.

With this being said, I am sitting myself down and writing everything out. Everything I desire and everything I want to achieve by specific dates.

After that, I’m taking action. I may even copy some principles from this book!

Of course there are other problems I’ve been facing, like non fulfillment in my life.

That comes from my job and the fact that I’m still living with my parents at 24 years old. It’s embarrassing in my eyes.

It’s time for a change, it’s time for me to upgrade and become a better person. Nobody likes a cold soul and I realize that is what I was becoming.

Don’t let the power of principles fool you, they are very powerful!

Also I highly recommend Principles by Ray Dalio, so far an amazing read and it will change your life!

Wish you were here

I was listening to Pink Floyd (one of my favorite bands) and I thought of you.

I thought about numerous things actually, like:

  • Wow that song has a long intro
  • I wish you were here
  • The guitar in this song is amazing
  • This song was made in 1975?

There is one lyric in this song I believe is meant to be heard but also dissected by myself to you!

Before I begin, I just want to state I feel I wasn’t given really a fair chance before you left. Obviously the effort was there before you came to your senses, but that only made sense. You’re so far away.

I feel we should try again, but this time with more emotion and less logic. Just us, and our vibes.

You may or not agree, but this is how I tell how I feel.

The lyric of this beautiful song goes like this.

“How I wish, how I wish you were here
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here”

We’re just 2 lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year. That hit hard, because it’s true. We’re 2 lost souls wandering around not sure what we’re looking for.

Running over the same old ground what have we found? We’re so complacent and in our comfort zones sometimes. It definitely gets old! So old that we found the same old fears instead of discovering new fears.

I miss you, and wish you were here.